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Hasu This photo angle does intrigue me- even AFTER making sure I made my corset too tight so that I wouldn't wind up with cleavage shots, there's still a trace of it. o_0 How very odd.

I pretty much burned my ass sitting on that stone slab, and although you can't see her, my friend Rachel is behind me as back support. A big thank-you to her for being an excellent assistant.

Fun Fact: That crown is actually attached to a headband which was cleverly camouflaged. I covered said headband by taking the hair I cut from the wig and making tiny, individual wefts and attaching them to the band, then putting the crown on. It was important to me that the support didn't show, but I hurt my fingers a LOT making that. But now I know how to make extensions, at least.
  • Reamy The details are amazing and you are simply gorgeous! 15 years ago
  • Elsch Wow~ awesome costume~ *_* 15 years ago