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Chibi Ice Wolf Utena cosplay = RAINBOW ORGY TIME!!

So my Utena group this year didn't go as planned. I didn't even get to wear my Nanami costume on the day that a (last minute planned) gathering was scheduled. But happily half my group got back into their costumes for me and we ran into more awesome Utena peeps! ^______^

Nanami = Me
RB Utena (leftmost) = MisatoNPenPen
Anthy = I do not know you name, if you have one. ;.;
Cake Dress Utena = Breathlessaire
Dios = I don't know your name either, if you've got one!
RB Utena (rightmost) = Krishna
Miki = Shirogami520

Photo by Eurobeat King. For anyone not in the know, his AX07 pics are on Photobucket.
  • Elsch AWW! Utena love~ *_* 15 years ago
  • sephygoth omg huge cute groupy ^^ 15 years ago
  • Cheetos Woooow everyone looks so good!! :3 *pssst Anthy's SN here is RedButterfly! 15 years ago
  • LadyoftheThread Nice group! :-) 15 years ago