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Tenjou xD so i probably won't be able to upload anything past today or tomorrow, so i decided to upload this while i'm thinking about it. i took some pictures today with an outfit inspired by one of my favorite Chibiusa fanarts~ for a holiday greeting <3

i don't know if i'll be able to make it to AB08 [or any other con for now], but i hope to be updating my c.c with a lot more costumes soon! i'm going to try to branch out cosplaying other series this coming year.

i wish you all a wonderful holiday and awesome new year! :D
  • Cubed_Link you look absolutely adorable here! 15 years ago
  • TiffanyFairest I know its been said but you make such a cute Chibi-usa! 15 years ago
  • sailor-moon Chibi looking cute :D 15 years ago
  • KANEDA why are you so damn cute?! 15 years ago
  • Z├ędrielle You're so cute ^3^ I love your wig! 15 years ago
  • WindoftheStars Awww so cute! You make such a cute ChibiUsa! 15 years ago
  • Bur Loire Awww! Such a cute photo! ^o^ 15 years ago
  • usagi_love i love youre wig you look really pretty, by the way where did you get youre wig from if you dont mind me asking ^_^;; 15 years ago