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SailorGaia It's been awhile and I had a few photos I've been itching to post so here you go.

Hrm.. how to describe this photo? First of all, this is a shot of the cast of our 2008 Anime Central skit. This is the first and the last time you'll ever see me cosplaying Naruto. It's not that I truly have anything against those who want to cosplay from the show only it's that I just don't know much about Naruto (except now I -do- know the entirety of Itachi's backstory as I didn't want to look like a complete ignorant ass in the outfit..ha..too late!) I just never was able to get into the series; I did it purely for the "lulz," as they say.

To make the skit's point clearly I had to choose a rather popular show to represent the "new school" fans. Looking back, I probably should have chosen Death Note as it is the more "hip" show now'a'days plus it would have been infinetly more easy to make. Nevertheless, I actually sort of fell in love with the whole Akatsuki coat design and really got obsessive about making it look nice. Now I don't know WHAT I'll do with it!! I spent way too much time making it look "pretty" but I don't exactly plan to wear Naruto again because I think it'd be offensive to those you actually like the show. ^^;

I didn't really do much with the wig, by the way. I threw an old wig I had and didn't do much in the way of styling so it looks like utter sh*t. Again, see explanation above why I really don't care.

Ota-Queen members pictured:

Kiki from Kiki's Delivery Service: cranberry
Misty May from Otaku no Video: Dali-Lamb
Black Jack from ....well, Black Jack: SailorSenmurv
Itachi from ::sigh:: Naruto: myself

Shameless skit plug time:
  • Soy Sauce So so true... XD I love the picture. And I love the skit idea, you all did great. 14 years ago
  • AuroraPeachy Your group was awesome :D 14 years ago
  • Miri This skit was so fun. You all rocked, as do these photos. XD 14 years ago
  • HezaChan LOL! This wins on so many levels. 14 years ago