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from costume Kai Hiwatari
Diagnosed This was taken outside the ROM in Toronto by our lovely friend, Jiyoon! I think it was the Sunday of CNA2008. Sorry I've forgotten who CG'd it! Remind me in comments so I can reference you~.

Again... comfy-est cosplay evar!

Ray: Rezident Psyko
Tyson: Glay
Kenny: QuantumDestiny
Max: Anatra
  • Diagnosed Oh wow sweet! LOL did he ever have feedback/comments about that sad/hilarious vid? 10 years ago
  • QuantumDestiny BEYBLADE'S BACK ALRIGHT~!!! (John Stocker is totally a guest at Anime North 2013... remember how that vid we did downtown was for him?? X'D I gotta get his autograph on this photo!!) 10 years ago