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from costume Cinderella
malro After a year I finally finished my Cinderella costume
I did not have any chance to wear it, but when our main project was put off I decided to finish her.

It's a convention photo, costume will be improved for the photoshoot.

Costume, make-up and wig by me
Photo by PredatoR
  • Pink Princess Wow I love your sleeves, I am researching this dress, though the sleeeves are casuing me much sleepless nights and stress, I make lots of complicated costumes, but this is deluding me. I am trying to work out just what the pattern piece looked like before it was sewn. I keep looking at dinsey world cinderella photos and people like yours who have got pretty close to the dinseyworld version. I'm guessing it is made it in to parts some how as there is a line around the top of them or is this just wire underneath holding it. I feel i'm close but far away with my ideas. I don't suppose you have any photos you cold e-mail me of what the pattern pieces looked like. Yours are amazing!! From Tracy 9 years ago
  • MomokoKitty waouh !! very beautiful *o* 11 years ago
  • rinny_san I like it 11 years ago
  • HighenSugar Beautiful! What type of fabric did you use for the gown? 11 years ago
  • ahoshilove This is beautiful, perfect, wonderful, etc. etc. 11 years ago
  • elanor-elwyn ïðîñòî ñêàçêà) 11 years ago
  • alice luna Amazing picture! Well done! ♥ 11 years ago
  • Japanimemusic Oh wow! What a gorgeous Cinderella! I love the background too! This is perfect perfect PERFECT! 11 years ago
  • Limeyaku SOOO Beautiful! I love the INCREDIBLY soft blue you used! It's perfect~ 11 years ago
  • Cubed_Link Simply Beautiful!! :) 11 years ago
  • Bakanishi Cinderella!!! <3 You look stunning. <3 I'm glad you could finish it! 11 years ago