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hmwsg x Man I love making accessories! :3 This is an interpretation of the Warden's Oath pendants from Dragon Age. It's also based off of Chakhabit's fanart (she is on deviantart, look her up!).
The only expensive part of this were the vials (12 for 10 bucks after shipping). I got screw top ones since I was worried that tilting the vial on it's side would leak out of a cork top. I do not want to risk getting "blood" on my costumes!

All I did was wind some jewelry wire around it and loop woven cord for the necklace. The vials are tinted so the blood appears more like Darkspawn blood--which is a bit more black-red ish if you've read the books (mega nerd here). The blood is just red food coloring.

I have 11 more vials left so I'll probably fiddle with how I design the pendant.
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