DLGR's image
from costume Tsubaki Nakatsukasa
DLGR Me as Tsubaki
Heartless Halo as Black*Star

This photo was taken by: Xellos06
  • DLGR lol! Yeah I just noticed that. ^^;! Sorry about that! I'll PM you in a little bit on how I made it, look for it! :D! 13 years ago
  • Heartless Halo We be awesome Meister and Weapon! oh yesh! I need to ask .. how did you make the weapon? XD I am attempting to make it but I am slightly unsure how to do it XD and you did really well on yours and I wanna make a Tsubaki weapon form super awesome! (btw your mail box is full XD or I woulda sent this there) 13 years ago