Caldoria's image
from costume Princess Velvet
Caldoria Velvet is on all fours for a good amount of the game's cut scenes and we put that in here. Photo inspired by this scene, and stretched a little--

Velvet:"Give me back my chain. Please don't take it without asking."
Ingway: "I don't think you should be flailing it around."

You cannot see Ingway's face well in the photos I've uploaded so far. I will try to show him better soon or get him to set up an account here!
  • Angathol Straight out of the game! ^_^ I love this shot. You both look wonderful. 14 years ago
  • Akarui-chan INGWAY~~~~~~~~~~ <3 I love Odin Sphere and you guys did an EXCELLENT job on the costumes ^-^ 14 years ago