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this'll be the last picture i upload of Chibiusa for awhile, so i'll put the construction notes here :D

~ wig by Beverly! <3 i know in the anime, Chibiusa's hair isn't like when she turned into Black Lady; it's shorter and more poofy, but i really didn't like how it looked. and besides, i'd really like to make Black Lady's costume as well as a princess dress, so i figured i might as well get the wig styled this way so i could use it for future costumes, and well, it just looks nicer. xD

~ i used a top from Urban Behavior for the undershirt. the bias tape was added to the sleeves, and i drafted the sailor collar pattern myself. it's sewn on and closable with clasps.

~ the bow is detachable. i also made my own pattern for it. it is held up by my brooch, which is two items hotglued together - the flat heart is part of a little girl's make up toy [XD] and the crystal heart is actually a keychain. the brooch actually opens! you have to be careful though; i always think when i open it i'll break it xD inside the brooch is a mirror.

~ i made the suspenders and skirt without patterns. i -was- going to use a pattern for the skirt, but it was way too confusing xD; i measured about three inches for each pleat and sewed on the fold. that's why it looks rather dreadful XD; but it was definitely a good learning experience for me! i also sewed blue bias near the hem. i thought red would've looked better, but in the references i have the line doesn't really stand out, and rather than use red, or even black, i figured a blue just a few shades darker than the skirt material would work well.

~ i used a seven inch blue zipper in the back. i used the same pattern for the back bow that i used for the shirt bow.

~ i couldn't find the right shoes for her. i thought of buying saddles shoes, but i've only ever seen those in black. so i found red flats at JcPenny's and altered a pair of socks by sewing the same red bias tape to the center-front of each sock.

aaaaaand i think that's it! thank you to everyone who's left a comment on my other pictures, i'm really proud of how they all came out.
  • celestial Ceres Cute ^^ 15 years ago
  • kowaipanda very cute Chibiusa! 15 years ago
  • Elsch cute~ ^^ 16 years ago
  • sailor-moon Its mah Chibiness :D Dude dude....I like your shoes just fine *_* theyr so much cuter X3 16 years ago
  • uptownkelly I love it! Great job! oh and for future reference... http://www.muffys.com/modern_traditional.html <-- Muffy's has a wide selection of saddle shoes in different colors ( ;) I remember this from my rockabilly phase lol) :) 16 years ago