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Eibii There was a hideous snowstorm on the day of the costume contest, so alas, we skulked around the hotel instead. Apologies for the blur, I have hand tremors. ._.; The mask was unfortunately gone, but... it almost works better this way. (Modeled by Sparky, made by Eibii!)
  • an deiner Seite I LOVE YOUUUUU 15 years ago
  • Eibii Mechanisch - Thank-you! I'm absolutely stunned by the detail on your own works, you really went above and beyond on the prosthetic work! They're both made out of sheets of plain white craft foam, since people were bumping into them all the time, safety had to be top priority. (I can't remember the thickness, but they were the largest sheets I could find, so the quills were nice an' long.) The claws were trimmed, bent and moulded by hand over a heat source (the element on my stovetop, don't try this at home, kids), and the quills were just long rectangular strips folded over, bent, hot-glued shut, and trimmed up nice and pointy before they were glued on and painted. 18 years ago
  • Mechanisch Awesome costumes, great to see another The Village cosplayer. The quills and claws on that look so great!! What did you use to make them? 18 years ago
  • ashleyohtori That looks so cool Amanda! Great job! 19 years ago
  • Eibii *faints* Gyah! Thank-you so much, everyone, I'm thrilled so many people recognize it! (Not to mention creeped out by it - that's terribly flattering as well. ^_-) I'll try to get pictures in a better atmosphere than a hotel lobby. >_o 19 years ago
  • evil_neko Sorry for double-posting, but I just wanted to add that I'd probably cry if I saw that in real life XDDDD 19 years ago
  • evil_neko ...Awww jeeeeeeeez XD... creepy-creepy XDD Great job, though! 19 years ago
  • sugarxspice That's awesome! You did a great job! :D 19 years ago
  • daguru The instant when I walked out of the movie theater, I was like, "I MUST MAKE THAT COSTUME!!!" Then I realized how unfeasible it would be considering I already have a deadline for another costume. But hey, it's summer now. FREEDOM! 19 years ago
  • Wolf_Angel Thats sooooooo freakin awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so glad to see I wasnt the only one who wants to cosplay those thingys! When we saw it I just like squeaked and all my friends were like...OMG when I told em. I think they are sooo bad ass lookin!!! 19 years ago
  • ska beam OMG!!! Looks so scary !!! Good Job!!! 19 years ago
  • procrastinator Oh my god! The Villiage Cosplay!!! I wouldn't have thought of this. AWESOME! 19 years ago
  • AnimeAngel OMG! COOLEST.COSTUME.EVER! 19 years ago
  • Tess OMFG, you rock! ^__^ I've always wondered if there was anyone else out there that was interested in doing a "Village" cosplay... Have always wanted to tackle dress Ivy wears to her sister's wedding, personally. And, LOL, my friend and I call these guys the "Impaled Vash" creatures. ^_~ Thought you might get a kick out of that. @-->--- Tess 19 years ago
  • FantasyNinja YAYYYYYY!!!!!!! It is so awesome to see this cosplay!!!!!! I bow to the maker. Very creative. Love the pose too. KICK ASS!!!!!!! 19 years ago
  • MemoriesofYuna oh GOD! this poped up at the exact spot where i was staring at the screen. i screamed. i was like "OMG IT'S ONE OF THOSE THINNGGGSSSS!!!!" D=! wow.... great job.... you scared the crap out of me. -Aseret Yuna 19 years ago
  • CorazonAzul That is too cool! Damn creepy things 19 years ago