Tenshi Musouka's image
Tenshi Musouka I finnaly finished my new (non christmas) tunic. Its based on the realistic one from the new (and currently untitled) gamecube game.
I hope everyone likes it! Expect more detailed pictures Very soon.
  • simonsaz3 That's a great picture. Good job on Link's costume too! =D 16 years ago
  • Minakoeli awasome Link!!! *.* 16 years ago
  • Zetsu-san Thanks for the compliment. Awesome job on ALL of your cos'. Keep up the great work =D 16 years ago
  • The-Real-Link That's a really nice pic. I like how you've set it up! Your details on the costume are also nicely done. 18 years ago
  • kaliko_rosa omgsh, I LOVE this picture Jay! You have to put up MOOORE o^__________^o. It looks so beautiful... even though you went w/ the old Ocarina of Time style, it still looks so much more realistic. You're sword matches SO well :D. 18 years ago
  • AnimefestChii that's so awesome!!! *glomps the link look-a-like* 18 years ago