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Mira Twilight Yeah...back of my Rogue costume. I love how my butt doesn't look quite as large...yeah. Again, this is me as Rogue from Otakon. I expect to be wearing this costume a lot, I love it.
  • water_angel Awesome shot! 18 years ago
  • Dark-San SERIOUSLY AWESOME. I think i took two pics one each day XD TOTALLY CUUUUTE! Only if i could pull off being Gambit, dAYAM there'll be roses everywhere! ~.^ 18 years ago
  • Mira Twilight Lorna: Thank you, but you make such an adorable Rogue yourself!<3<3 Sailor Tweek: Thanks, I love meeting Rogue fans! I've loved Rogue since I was a little girl, you rock so hard for being a fan. ladywyntir: Don't ever apologise to me!! XD It's quite alright for you to ask for my pic whenever. (unless I'm eating..lol) Next time come up and talk to me, anyone. I need new friends!! I love your Pheonix, you should bring it next time. 18 years ago
  • ladywyntir Totally awesome! I also took a picture of you (you were resting on the stairs and i apologize for making you get up). i still have to work on my Dark Phoenix costume (it needs major improvement). sorry i missed the group photo. X-men rock! ~wyn ^_^ 18 years ago
  • sailor tweek You are my hero. 0_o I adore your costume. I've been a huge Rogue fan for years. Your costume is terrific. You really do the southern belle justice! Rock on! I'm a little jealous! ^_^ i wants that costume! 18 years ago
  • Lorna Lynn Ohhhhh, you look great!! ^_______^ I'm a huge Rogue fan (well, you knew that already!) and you look just like her! Awesome costume *__* 18 years ago
  • Mira Twilight Yeah, I know what you mean about the hair. :/ It was a lot curlier before it hit humidity and endured being packed away in my suitcase...it kinda died, lol. But eh, she doesn't really have big frizzy hair anymore anyway. :D Thank you both for your nice comments. 18 years ago
  • SephirothXer0 Best Rogue I've seen, you look great in it The hair could be a little bigger, but it's excellent nonetheless 18 years ago
  • Vashtastic Awesome! You did a great job. I took like a million pictures (ok closer to 10) of you and your group at otakon. 18 years ago