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from costume Spider-Man
MPsy Wow after Anime Expo 2003 it was already time for Comic Con! After cosplaying at Anime Expo I decided it would be fun to do the same at Comic-Con, plus I really enjoyed the Legend of the Spider-Clan run. I wanted to originally go as the normal Spider-Man but only had three days to do my costume. I think I did pretty well for the time I was given.
  • thecutest whoa what a costume i love it. keep up the fantastic work :P 18 years ago
  • MPsy Since I only had like a week to plan and work on this costume I found out it was easier to buy a plan black tee shirt and sew the white spider markings on it and I pretty much wore my black jeans. 20 years ago
  • Vashu awesome!! XDDDDDD i'm pretending to do part of the Shadow Clan itself! if anything goes wrong, it will be done in may/june 20 years ago