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  • Keshi n_____n! So cute! *____*! Lovely Selphieeeeee~~ 18 years ago
  • Diagnosed awww! you even have the little sticking up hair! so cuuute! 18 years ago
  • SelphieTilmitt :D. I love my blue ribbon... seriously I've went threw a lot of different ones and none have stayed on as well as that one xD 18 years ago
  • Demri So cute! You even got the hair right and you have on the blue ribbon thingee. Awesome! ^_^ 19 years ago
  • SelphieTilmitt Thanks you guys. *bounces* 19 years ago
  • Dan-Chan You look awesome as Selphie ^ ^ 19 years ago
  • strawberry neko *waves* ^_^! i love your selphie!! ^_^!! the hair, costume and even the props are always great! =D 19 years ago
  • Alessa You look so great! Even your hair is perfect for Selphie!! ^___^ 19 years ago