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Yuanie Me and my cosplay buddy, Maria! Our 2nd Sakura Taisen Musical Drama pair up project ^-^ ! From the ST Music Drama , Kaijin Besshou.
  • SongofAmazon awesomely beautiful costumes!! 18 years ago
  • Murasaki-Kyoist Saw you in CosFest...Nice and gorgeous cosplay you did,so was your friend.Congratulation for winning Best Female Cosplayer on that day anyway.^^ 18 years ago
  • Natalie oh i love them both! the fabrics are so sparkly and shiny! *_* 18 years ago
  • bright_Zanya I really admire your Sakura war costume!!! Just so amazing!!!! ^ ___ ^ and you are very pretty too~~ 18 years ago
  • piyo2himi Yuanie! You looked ike a princess in this costume, and it looks georgous! X3 *admires* 18 years ago
  • Yuanie Thank you very much for appreciating our cosplay works ^_^ ! Many thanks to my partner too for introducing me to the world of Sakura Taisen ^o^ ! 18 years ago
  • Elsch OMG! These costumes are awesome. *_* Great work! 18 years ago
  • Missie Very cooooool *Wow* I like this Cossie...^^ 18 years ago
  • AnimefestChii those are abosultely gorgeous!!!! <3 <3 <3 Even without the costumes you guys would remind me of the characters X3 18 years ago
  • Nikostratos oooooooooo im impressed... great outfits! 18 years ago