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XenoGirl Just HAD to do a Motoko cosplay... she's just so freakin' cool... after all... I gotta keep up my female android/cyborg theme!! I styled the wig, bought the jacket and made the rest... except the gun, which Motoko stole from KOS MOS, lol!

I must admit, this costume makes me feel like a total bad-ass!! Rawr!! ^-^
  • Erik Kellstrom Hi from L.A. area. me and tom met you and your husband and it`s nice to see a ghost in the shell costume. We should have gotten together and did a cosplay for Ghost in the Shell. Your husband would make Bato(forgive spelling). I put your pics up on myspace, cosplay and yahoo.It`s nice to see older cosplayers having fun to at ax 2005. 18 years ago
  • Ephemerality I never did get to comment on your pictures XD You make a lovely Motoko, and an awesome KOS-MOS! 18 years ago
  • ssmitty Ah! Hot lady with a GUN! YES. Sexay...Indeed. ~^o^~ 19 years ago
  • LaPetiteSalope yay for Ghost in the Shell:Stand Alone Complex cosplays! I've never saw any cosplays of her normal outfits lately because it is so revealing. You have guts for pulling off Major so well! 19 years ago
  • kiwi well, naturally -- as you are ageless like an femme-android. You're, what now? 19? :P 19 years ago
  • Chocochick Wow, you look great! It's so nice to finally see some GitS cosplayers XD ~Sara 19 years ago
  • JosephCain I love this Costume, and your others. I've been a fan of GITS:SAC after it started appearing on Adult Swim, I do my best not to miss it. You definately do the Major justice, and I can't help but like that Gun. It may be a KOS-MOS gun, but it reminds me of Togusa's Handgun. Overall, great costume, you make a beautiful Motoko. 19 years ago
  • Solaria That looks really really cool, and I'm so glad someone finally cosplayed this well. 19 years ago
  • Imari-chan That's really cool~ 19 years ago
  • R1KKu Very nice costume! This does look like it's from a movie.....a Live Action GiTS movie would make my day,lol. 19 years ago
  • Ironekilz Cool! Looks just like a movie scene! 19 years ago
  • Su Ying cool picture ^^and great costume 19 years ago