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evil_neko Shh. The title totally makes sense. Really >.>:

I typed up a whole long description, then accidentally clicked a link and erased the whole thing. Haha. I'm smart >.>;;

But yes. I finally jumped on the bandwagon and did a Fruits Basket costume. 'Course, nobody recognized me, so I guess it doesn't count. Well, no, one person knew me as "the boar chick," and two people recognized the anime (but one of them thought I was Kisa? o.o;;; People are silly), so I can't really say that.

And hey! Look! You can see my burn! XD Don't worry, I totally DIDN'T walk into a hot iron or anything >.>;;;. Really! And erm... it's totally not the second time I've done it while doing cosplay stuff. Totally not. >.>;;;;.

(Picture by Al, at Katsu '05)
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