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Eibii Alright, it's storytime, kiddies! This is an old, old, old relic from my days as a somewhat-rabid Star Wars fan - about ten years ago, when I started going to cons and dressing up and being a general nuisance to the nerd populace, I had a sort-of-dark Jedi costume. It was a sort of piecemealed and scrounged double-breasted tunic, flappy black robe, skirt - really kind of embarrassing in retrospect, but I loved it, and I wanted something to go along with it to make it 'special'. My sense of humour was somewhat warped even then, and I figured it a unique addiction to sculpt a little anatomically-incorrect form of my favourite character's disembodied hand, and string it on with a bead or two. I can't remember what reactions I got, when I showed it off, but I'm sure they were, uh, suprised. I was a strange little Jedi cosplayer, and I had my strange little accessories to go with it. (I never read the novels, so I didn't know the hand became an actual EU plot point.) So, yeah. Nostalgia, in the form of really morbid jewelry. Warm fuzzies all-around! >_o Bleahhh.
  • Forcebewitya That is really original. And I thought cosplaying as a Correlian Jedi was weird.... ^_^ 18 years ago