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from costume Sohryu
Liriel A picture of the Shikigami group at the AnimagiC 2005. From left to right:
- Lathir as Byakko
- Aelis as Touda
- Koorifumi as Touda
- me as Sohryu
- Issabella as Byakko
Photo by fu (from
  • Liriel LOL! Thank you! ^_^ 18 years ago
  • Alaire @___@ So sexy!! Everyone looks so stunning here. XD Very well made costumes! *droolz* 18 years ago
  • Liriel Thank you! ^_^ 18 years ago
  • xrysx this team is awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeee! i'm speechless! u guyz absolutely ROX!! 18 years ago
  • Liriel @all: Thank you! @Lathir: So do I. *g* (LOL! Ehrlichgesagt, keine Ahnung. Boybands waren nie meins. *g*) @ACXchan: Don't I wish! ^_^ 18 years ago
  • ACXchan I have decided we must import your group into California X3 18 years ago
  • Lathir Whee~ you uploaded the pic <3 I really like this shot of us^_^ (irgendwie erinnern mich unsere Posings auf den meisten Bildern n bissl an ne Boygroup o_O..*selber hau*) 18 years ago
  • SeraMuun oh wow. i dont think i've seen so many Shikigami cosplayed at once.. O.o awesome awesome job! 18 years ago
  • kakashified This is an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING GROUP 18 years ago
  • Kirschwasser Oh wow, this is really awesome! It is very rare to see the Yami No Matsuei Shikigami cosplayed! All of you did really amazing work on these costumes! Great work! :D 18 years ago