Tenshi Musouka's image
Tenshi Musouka A picture of myself as Destiny Kira, with a Destiny Athrun cosplayer. I really like how her costume came out. The only problem is... im taller ^^;;
  • Aiko-Akazuma Kira and Athrun x3 wow so cute *_* and your cosplays are really awesome ^.^ 17 years ago
  • kels geh.. *wants to cry*.. damnit!! shouldve woken up earlier.. so i could stupid bind.. athrun looks.. retarded now T_T 17 years ago
  • Shinigami_Mimi Athrun's meant to be short. XD XD Lol. I know in one official piccie Kira was taller. Cool cosplays though. X3 I can see your purple contacts how awesome ^0^ Destiny Kira cosplay is so awesome. X3 17 years ago
  • Jaina Solo You have THE BEST hair. XD 17 years ago
  • black shinigami Wow, that looks so cool. =^_^= You even have tori. 17 years ago
  • kaliko_rosa Yeah all the pictures you took with her turned out great! I wish my wig didn't screw up so bad when I got those pics with her. But you guys looked awesome... very GS/D-ish indeed :) 18 years ago