Yueri's image
Yueri Queen Elincia Ridell Crimea from Fire Emblem 10: Radiant Dawn.
3rd place at Yamato Cosplay Cup, National Cosplay Contest.
3rd place, in all Mexico?
I think I got lucky T.T

I will post the link to the video of my presentaion. Meanwhile, tell me what you think?

Should I permanently dye my hair green? XD
  • Doctor Blind This is super lovely! Are you wearing contact lenses? Your eyes look really nice. (: 14 years ago
  • GoddessofFlash omg how on earth did you make that tiara? and your eyebrows are green! most people don't pay attention to that but it looks great! Love this costume :D 15 years ago
  • Shadow Valkyrie you look so pwettyful ^^ 15 years ago
  • Terranell Beautiful lady I see!! Your cosplays are always so impressive, green hair just look natural on you! ^_- 15 years ago
  • Ashura_Ojisama Pues como ya te dije en tu blog de cosspace: me encanto tu traje! Se ve genial! Pero lo que mas me gusto fue definitivamente tu peluca, esta hermosa! =D 15 years ago
  • Yueri Yes it is! I did my homework n.n You got a good eye for such a crappy quality photo! n.n 15 years ago
  • FE Freak Things that popped up the most,the make-up*as silly as that sounds*,the vibrant color of the hair and the armor.Upon further inspection,is that a bead thing hanging from the armor? Excellent job on the detail. 15 years ago