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from costume Catwoman
Limeyaku I was debating between neon blue contacts for this shoot, since my natural blue ones were expired, but I'm quite content I stuck with my normal eyes. They're not blue, but they have some feline quality to them. ;)
  • BalthierFlare This is hardcore awesomeee !! 12 years ago
  • Narcomics Would you be able to tell me what type of thread was used to do the stitching on your body suit? I tried to find some but I wasn't sure which was the best to use, (right thickness, etc). Yours actually looks movie accurate. Thanks and keep up the great work kitten! ;] 12 years ago
  • Hinoto Very beautiful. Wonderful shot, very striking and shows off the detailing on the costume well. 13 years ago
  • nejabee well done~! looks authentic! 13 years ago
  • wolfblood11 ME-----OW 13 years ago
  • Akusesu freaking drop dead gorgeous 13 years ago