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from costume Marisa Kirisame
Angathol As you can see, I've really let myself go in the past year, and I'm feeling pretty sheepish about it. I can't even fit into the rest of my Marisa costume!
  • Merino Jeeze, who would do that to a sheep...oh wait. YAY FOR SHEEPIE TOUHOU ADVENTURES. 12 years ago
  • VicViper_Mk2 careful where you point that reactor at little guy. 12 years ago
  • Little Raven OMG, he's so cute 12 years ago
  • notLink xD i have the same sheep only i dressed him as a templar 12 years ago
  • Usagi_Star Heheh, very cute. c: 12 years ago
  • WARPAINTandUnicorns OMG I love this guy. Did you make him. 12 years ago