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from costume Generic Thief
BisectedBrioche Just some badges to go on the pouches' fronts. I cut them out of a bit of foam which was part of an oven baked pizza's packaging.

I've already glued the smaller parts to the larger parts with resin. When that's cured I'll cut away the rough parts and paint them before attaching them to the pouches (I'm not really sure whether or not to glue them though).

I'll either paint them with the same paint as my goggles, or just paint some black on the eye sockets and mouths (depends how they look after trimming), since there's no real guide to what colour they should be (that they exist at all on the thieves' pouches is just extrapolation from the prinnies' pouches).
  • ~H~ I can see you winning ingenuity awards for stuff like this ^_-. Can't wait to see how they turn out! 12 years ago
  • Cyrennia Very cool. Looking good! 12 years ago