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Tenjou hiiiiiiiii XD i haven't uploaded anything new in forever! anyway, here is how much i have done on my Eternal Sailor Chibimoon costume, which will [hopefully] debut at Otakon in July. i hope i can go!! D:

because i have a Black Lady wig [commissioned by Beverly], i thought it might be a fun idea to make an Eternal fuku that would be kind of a fusion of Eternal Sailormoon's fuku as well as Chibimoon's.

this update includes:
~ fixed gloves [moons were pointing the wrong way]
~ finished boots
~ a new choker
~ finished sailor collar
~ finished brooch
~ finished odango shields [hair feathers were created by tsuki_sales on livejournal.com]
~ finished earrings [even though you can't see them, haha]

i also decided to use craftfoam for the crescent moons on my costume instead of the resin jewels. aaaaaand instead of using red on the costume, i'll be using hot pink instead. :3 opinions on my choices?
  • Dante-san this is awesome *o* great job on everything 14 years ago
  • CosplayerGabi Looking pretty spif ! 14 years ago
  • piplool I love it :D 14 years ago
  • Ramonachan Looks great! I think the hot pink fits better then the red. Beautifully done ^-^ 14 years ago
  • Master Zero WOW! That looks awesome. Kick ass! =D 14 years ago