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LadyoftheThread A pic of my Count D artbook kimono from Anime Boston. I like this as a detail shot of my appliqué work. ^_^

The costume has a total of 96 appliqués in 6 different sizes, ranging from 3” to 5 1/2”. The appliqués with designs were handpainted (the water pattern was especially time consuming) and all of the appliqués were stitched on with gold thread. I used up almost 6 whole spools so there’s about 1,200-1,250 yards of metallic thread on this costume! All of the embellishment took about 45-50 hours of work.

Photo by Judith Stephens.
  • LadyoftheThread Thanks, everyone! :-) 12 years ago
  • Miyazawa_Lulu Such patience! But the result looks perfect and awesome 12 years ago
  • kodamachan72 Wow, it looks beautiful! Awesome job! 12 years ago
  • kiratsukai lovely 12 years ago
  • Aishiri That's freaking gorgeous. :O 12 years ago
  • Vexation ... Petshop is made of win and love. Your kimono for D is positively _breathtaking_. 12 years ago
  • Leiko Yume It looks absolutely stunning! I think the 50 hours were well worth it. Congrats on the showcase as well! ^w^ 12 years ago