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Activist These are Snake's guns from the Tanker chapter. A M9 with suppressor and laser sight, and a USP with tactical light that he gets from Olga.
  • Dadderface Would you mind pm'ing me and letting me know where you snagged that suppressor and the LAM for the usp? 12 years ago
  • Activist Yup, you're right about that, Snake even says it's a 9mm in the game. I thought the 9mm, .40, and .45 all looked the same anyway, and it's only a BB gun. People will be far too wasted to notice such minute details at Dragoncon. Good eye though... 15 years ago
  • ManiacMarshall I like the USP there, but why is it chambered in .40 S&W? Isn't Olga's a 9MM? Sorry... my /k/ is showing. 15 years ago
  • Activist They're very reasonably-priced Tokyo Marui spring hop-up airsoft pistols. Those attachments were a real pain to find though. That tactical light is used by Swat teams, and produces blinding light. I just need to figure out how to switch out the inner barrel on a metal M9 so I can get the suppressor to fit right. It keeps on falling off. I already broke one trying to do it... 15 years ago
  • new_ike Damn, these are sexy. Airsoft, or Resin? 15 years ago
  • GyrfalconAH64D nice USP40 there 15 years ago