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from costume Rally(Larry) Vincent
SailorGaia Dali-Lamb & I as Rally Vincent & Minnie May! I love the disgust on Minnie May's face. Bombs = ugh! Guns FTW!

Based off of manga covers:

What to say about these costumes? I've written a novel on the other shots so please check them out. I just had way too much fun during our photoshoot with Kuragiman and will so be wearing these again.

I also might mention that I haven't quite gotten the stupid Rally hair down pat yet. I styled it an hour before I wore the outfit. I think I need to flatten the back of the wig to give it less of a bowl-cut sort of look. Suggestions would be appreciated!!
  • Selphie hell you did rally!!!! that's so cool! I love GSC and you both look great! I especially like your wig this costume rise and falls with a proper wig and you did a great job on it. ^^ 13 years ago
  • lunaladyoflight HAHAHA OMG SOO PERFECT!!! I love you guys! 14 years ago
  • akira_chan Heh awesome expressions! As for styling Rally's hair, you might be able to get that weird diagonal type styling look by razor cutting the sides forward. Also i'm super jealous you gals got to meet Mr. Sodona 14 years ago
  • Fire Lily My bf LOVES this manga; you two did a great job on the costumes!! 14 years ago
  • Miri This photoshoot was so fun to watch. You two look great as usual. :D 14 years ago