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from costume Vivi
Ken Hopkins nice pic from the LBM 06

and i can´t say it enough. Thanks to the complete FF9 group, ^_^V
  • Xenogenesis Vivi is my all time favorite character from any video game ever. Hands down the best Vivi costume I've ever seen. I'd like to know how you managed to get the proportions so perfect and also, how you got the head to not look stupid ;) 12 years ago
  • Bibichu I love this picture ! You're costume is....OMG ! GREAT ! 13 years ago
  • danterann Finally, a Vivi that looks great! 14 years ago
  • saiyan689 You are god. You are the best Vivi alive! o__o; 15 years ago
  • HikaruCat I love this cos sooooo much! That´s so cute.. do you think I could wear it with my big belly in 3 1/2 month? *lol* Die Buchmesse pack ich noch hier.. zwei Tage später geht dann der Flieger! ^.^ Dann is die deutsche Cosplayszene mich erstmal los! *gröhl* 16 years ago
  • Blue Sasarai gorgeous craftsmanship 16 years ago
  • -E-Chan- nur geil you are the greatest vivi !!!!! 16 years ago
  • Leandaradara yeah . . . *no words* but . . . i know that you know what i want to say . . . *agh* *dies* x.x 16 years ago
  • Frida_chan OH MY!!!!! I just think your costume is GORGEOUS! It can be like official O.O... Wow. I would love to take pics with you or see your costume in person *_* 16 years ago
  • kabotin OMG!!!! GREAT COSTUME!!!! 16 years ago
  • Rubra Adorable!! ^-^* 17 years ago
  • Kakashi101 Greatness in a box. 17 years ago
  • Kazusa looks like you jumped out of the game!! I really love your Vivi costume!!! *adores* 17 years ago
  • *Lenne* You ARE Vivi...amazing...*_* 17 years ago
  • neoangelwink wow i thought was cg done very impress of 17 years ago
  • Bobbi I have no words. *weeps from the sheer awesomeness* 17 years ago
  • Isadora Vivi in person - nothing more to add *perfectness* 17 years ago
  • Anza whoa! just... DAMN! O_O 17 years ago
  • dianabunny I think you are my new hero~! I can't even begin to tell you how AMAZING this costume is. :D I can only sit here and oogle. 17 years ago
  • Elsch Your Vivi is perfect! Really.. AWESOME work!! *cries tears of happiness* ;_; 17 years ago
  • Ephemerality OMG I thought it was a CG Art, and then I was like... ZOMG! Its a costume! Its... PERFECT! Awesome awesome awesome!!!! OMG 100% Perfect! I want to kiss your Vivi costume. T. T 17 years ago
  • HyperrrMouse WOW! I thought it was art for a second! So bloody perfect and awesome! 17 years ago
  • Aiyesu It's Vivi!! SQUEEE! Love him sooo much, great job! You gave him justice like 1982903749 different ways! 17 years ago
  • o0marikit0o you are my idol 17 years ago
  • krimson *squeal!* awesome Vivi!!! 17 years ago
  • Rock nam Lee Holy frickin' a that's awesome!!! 17 years ago
  • Rynn Oh my god.... You are INCREDIBLE. 17 years ago
  • KeiKei Das Cos ist soooo~~~ geeiiil~~~~ I love it. ^^ 17 years ago
  • HaruVamp awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!! best vivi ever *-*!!!!!!!!!!!! huuugs X3 nyo you are welcome and I think the same. I love our group so much *-* have a very cute one of us both ^^" still need to decide what bg I ll take Oo... sign.. huuuug!!!!! 17 years ago
  • Fuchs Awwww~ Ich mag das Bild so gern!! *an fotopinnwand schau* *hust* xD Das cos is so unglaublich toll und SOO niedlich (jaja ich weiß,das willsu nich hörn xD) und das bild schaut einfach klasse aus *___* 17 years ago