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Hours of Construction: 75

WHY: I spent upwards of 200 Hours on Skyrim and around 150 playing Oblivion, I am in love with the Elder Scrolls Series! I specifically liked the Dark Brotherhood questlines because it was one of the few opportunities the game gives you to be the bad guy~ When my friends said they wanted to do a Skyrim group for YamaCon (A Winter con in the Smoky Mountains) I was so ready for it! I chose to make the Dark Brotherhood armor seeing as it was my favorite part of the game.

HOW: At first glance this looks like a bodysuit, which is the idea! But it's totally a fake. It consists of a shirt, overshirt, gloves, pants and bootslips. Then there are a couple accessories thrown on top such as the bracers, belts and cowl.
The cowl is the only part of the costume I took creative liberty on. In the original costume the cowl is just a simple hood with a face scarf. Mine is a complete shawl that flows around the shoulders so my costume would look cool when the wind hit it. It's really just a hood with a cape-like shawl stitched to it if you look close enough! I added a black and red fringe as well to make it look like it belonged.
I used a lot of red vinyl that a fabric shop was trying to get rid of ($24.00 for 5 yards!) In some places I layered it with red broadcloth just to have contrasting colors in certain areas.
When I first set out to do this costume I just thought, "It's so easy! I'll just hot glue some vinyl to some black clothes and call it a costume!" WRONG. TOTALLY WRONG. NEVER HAVE I BEEN WRONGER. Vinyl doesn't like hot glue and thus, rejects it within minutes, as I would later find out. So what was suppose to take about 30 hours to make quickly became 70 hours as I pushed Vinyl through my (at the time) awful sewing machine. I actually broke my sewing machine making this costume and had to borrow a friends just to finish it! Ughhh... it was all so awful :
Oh and the bracers, all handsewn through double layers of vinyl, no thimble. Cosplayers I'm sure you know my pain.
I also made a Blade of Woe for this costume, you can see full notes on that here! (…
Lastly, the night before the con I aged the entire costume with cheap tempera paint and EXPO markers. I was at the end of my budget at this point-!

Thoughts : As psychically painful and frustrating as this costume was, it turned out much better than I thought. What was weird is that when my friends and I took pictures in our costumes, some dudes didn't recognize my costume but immediately noticed our male and female Dovahkiins. However any female that took pictures with us knew immediately who I was and would even ask me what the color of night was! Fake Gamer Dudes... they exist ;D
(Seriously how could you play Skyrim and not run into at least one Assassin!)
Jokes aside, it's super comfortable to wear and would love to wear it to another con! I can't wait to make another TES costume when the Online game comes out :]
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