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from costume Scheherazade Al Rahman
ashe2kawaii Sorry for the poor shot, It was so hard to see the blue against the black. so I had to edit lighting a little. This is Scheherazade's wig, and I love it to death. I bought it from's wig store and very pleased with the quality. I didn't fee...l like putting fully make up on, so as you can see I mainly did the eyes and added false lashes.

I seriously can't wait to start working on her, prepare for some span when I do in October....and for the POTC.X3

(Slowly, but surely she is coming along.) *^*)
  • LinkPwnsGanon I'm so in love with the color of the wig! It's a nice shade of blue and it suits you well! x3 9 years ago
  • Mehdia That wig is just gorgeous on you. You are going to be a beautiful Scheherazade. 9 years ago