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Miki-san I made this cosplay to acompany my bf who made his Brother Petros cosplay.
All sorts of referance images for Dietrich have been used: anime/manga and the beatifull art from Thores.

I have tried to make the costume as detailed as possible, i love making ornaments from wonderflex/foam.
Making the Marionet was a new challenge for me.
I made several draft versions, especially the head was a big challenge

The costume was really comfortable to wear, i am looking forward to wearing it again soon.
  • Sephirayne Brilliant cosplay. Great to meet you :D 10 years ago
  • Rhysa Oh my god, it was you?! I didn't know, grrrrr! I knew you were somehow familiar! XD (I was one of the Hungarian contestants ^^) 10 years ago
  • Spikā‚¬ The costume was truely well made ! and I really liked the marionet ! 10 years ago