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Pinoko it was sooo hard for me to make it !!
but I and my friend did Porom & Parom and it was sooo fun!
I haven't play FF4 in Nintendo DS(I played original,and FF collection and GBA)... have you play it???
  • FaeandMerfolk So unbelievably awesome. I remember playing the FFII that was released here in the US for the SuperNES when it was still new.. which is technically 4 and three was 5.. But what can ya do? I now have the PS versions that are right. lol You are so cute as Porom! I LOVE IT! I have always wanted to do Rydia.. 14 years ago
  • Miasan POROM COSPLAY!! XD Beautiful costume! You look really cute! 14 years ago
  • malro Ah! So cute!!! ^^ 14 years ago
  • Dali-Lamb Absolutely perfect!! I was waiting for someone to cosplay these characters, and you NAILED it!!! *____* ~Dali-Lamb 14 years ago
  • natsuo adorible! ANd I love the shot too. 14 years ago
  • Kairi_Heartless So cute *____* Porom & Parom were a bit annoying first, but I'd love to have them back now -___- 14 years ago
  • Aneris You look so cute! Your costume looks really well made :3 14 years ago