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from costume Nico Robin
  • Nico Meg C= 13 years ago
  • BakaSanjiGirl 0_0 OMG!!! I hate you! Your so preaty!! I did this outfit and mine looks nowear as good! *brooding* 13 years ago
  • MelonPlay very pretty! and a very well made costume! 14 years ago
  • Shadow7 I love this Robin outfit, and you look awesome :) 14 years ago
  • kalifa_neumans You look totally amazing always, ooo your robin as a good costume :3 14 years ago
  • sodenoshirayuki You're hawt, amica! 14 years ago
  • alinajames This looks really sweet! =)) All your Robin outfits are very well done and you have amazing lovely face that looks much like hers! Good work! 14 years ago