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from costume Flemeth
hmwsg x FYI I will be shamelessly promoting my Youtube video until the Bioware contest is over. My video is here

Actually, I am unsure if this clip made it into the video o.O

For those unaware, Bioware is hosting a youtube costume contest. If you have a Bioware costume, enter it! You can win something, or just show off!

I decided last minute to take a 30 minute trip out to a park to take video footage. Two of my friends were nice enough to spend their Saturdays off to help me get the filming done and beat a thunderstorm that was fast approaching. We did beat the rain, thankfully :D

Its my first time ever figuring out how to edit video, and I had a lot of help from one of my friends. I just feel so goofy that the video is so serious. I am not the type to take myself seriously and I enjoy being a derp so I am kind of embarrassed by the super serious mode.
  • Vilk√§l This is the most wondefull idea!!! so much love for bringing Flemeth to live in such a magnificent way! Kudos! 12 years ago