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  • AshofRebirth This is the best I've seen any try that pose xD Good job! 11 years ago
  • keykeyx10000 Oh wow! Yeah thanks :D I'll definitely link you and reference you if I get around to it. I'm so lazy and need to snap out of it -.- 13 years ago
  • keykeyx10000 You know, no one has ever asked me that? haha I'm convinced that you are one of the best Yoruichi cosplayers! I would even go so far as to request doing graphic work based on that photograph? This is what I do: I'd do actual cosplay, but drawing it is cheaper XD 13 years ago
  • keykeyx10000 I'm convinced! 13 years ago
  • AdamBomb7 Excellent! 13 years ago
  • AkoRedfield Amazing yoruichi ! 13 years ago
  • Maronu_Eruriku Perfect! 13 years ago