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SailorGaia Molly is a true working girl; ran away in her teens to find adventure and ended up the common law wife to a total loser, living out his Robin Hood fantasies. Clearly not the life she envisioned but even still, she tallies forth. I would cry too if I saw a Unicorn after all that time. I also love how she takes her destiny into her hands and follows Schmendrick and the Unicorn. She's a clever, industrious, and hard working companion, which is why I loved cosplaying her. It also gave me a chance to rewear on of my favorite wigs...I always wanted hair this bouncy and curly! :3

Thanks, Elemental for the great shots!!

Another picture of our Last Unicorn group at ACen 2009, as photographed by Elemental. Costume construction notes one picture back. :D
  • Leaf omg i LOVE your molly :D :D great job! 13 years ago
  • Gwydion Your Last Unicorn group was amazing, and you made such a great Molly! I've always loved her, so it was so nice to see her brought to life so well. ^_^ 14 years ago