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from costume Neytiri
clembastow Posing like a dork on the Supanova Madman Cosplay Contest stage.

Unfortunately by the time we actually *got* onstage, most of the Aquacolor had rubbed/sweated off my hands and feet. Oh well.
  • Luciferian oh so there was a Navi at one of the nova's was this perth ? btw i used kryolan aqua colour try ben nye the liquid form don't need water and get a better coverage all over and it wont rub off as easily, also nice work with the body suit ! 13 years ago
  • [email protected] Looking good anyway, don't worry too much about the flaking make up, we all know those things sometimes happen on stage ;-) You did well!!!! 13 years ago
  • clembastow Thanks, I had a blast - something about a unitard just makes you want to pull dancey poses ;-) 13 years ago
  • RoyalLuna Awesome!!! SO EPIC 13 years ago