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from costume Rith/Reith
Eleryth The front-dangly thing from Rith's jacket. I had to redo the piping. It's not 100% perfect (what I want doesn't exist), but I didn't want to use bias tape, and I wanted it to match the fabric I chose for the other darker bits. I decided not to put the hole in the middle as per the CG artwork, because that would have been a pain, and really, if I didn't mention it, who would have noticed (other than Rith-freaks like me).

I just hope I get finished in time. >.< Augh!
  • Komapsunida vujcwvdu1i3g! This is WAY better than mine! ToT It looks fantastic! hehe I never know what to do with the pattern its different with every pic I see!! Great job! 14 years ago