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from costume Miss All Sunday
  • stolen_valkyrie So amazing!! Really great picture :) 13 years ago
  • Choi Looks so great, awesome pic. 13 years ago
  • Shadow7 This is soo awesome! You look like a butterfly :) a kinda weird one, but a kool one! 14 years ago
  • OhtoriKyouya This is exoticly hypnotizing. @.@; 15 years ago
  • Nico Meg That's it, renegadecow! I could not explain 'cause I suck in photography. Extra arms using photoshop? I think it's scary. But thank you! =D 15 years ago
  • Carol Naru PERFEITA! 15 years ago
  • pho3nix OMG MEG! This is way beyond cool~. 15 years ago
  • lipe-sensei Cara... perfeito!!!! *-* e vc ainda me deve um braço >.< bj bófa! seeya 15 years ago
  • renegadecow FYI, the effect has to do with having a prolonged exposure time and using a very bright light source against a dark backdrop. The effect is like having multiple images in a single shot so when you move, theres a ghosting effect. Pretty amazing how your photographer thought about it especially for Ms Sunday. I would have just used photoshop, but it wouldn't look as good as this. Amazing! 15 years ago
  • kalifa_neumans I love all pictures about this costume! really all look very nice like you!! n_n 15 years ago