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from costume Fuu
Liriel I started this cosplay over a year ago and got frustrated with it. New costumes came up and I lost interest in this one. I finally wore it unfinished for a con. It photographs OK but most of the costume is shody work. At least I learned a lot about sewing with this cosplay. :)
It's highly unlikely I'll ever wear it again.
  • Yumi Miyazaki ... but it looks like you did a god job with it! 16 years ago
  • Very-chan good job! very cute ;D 16 years ago
  • Liriel @Hasu: Thank you! I'm not sure though if finishing the costume will change the overall look. It's mostly detail work that is not done. @Alessa: Thank you! Looking cute is hard work for me (and my photographer as well)! ^_^ 17 years ago
  • Alessa awww... you look so very cute! 17 years ago
  • Hasu I think it looks good. You should finish it; if it photographs well unfinished it'd look great complete. ^^ 17 years ago
  • Liriel Thank you! I also had some issues with the fitting and finally settled on wearing a corset underneath. Which makes the costume pure torture on a warm day since I was stupid and used a polyester fabric for it. -_- 17 years ago
  • Hikaruchan I think it looks cute. My sister made this costume too and wore it to 1 con, but never finished it as she couldn't get it to look good on her bodyshape. I like how yours looks. 17 years ago
  • Liriel Thank you! And I love the shoes. They are just so comfy! Wheee! 17 years ago
  • Chibi Ice Wolf Looks great! I don't see this one done very often, and it's so cute! And I have those same shoes XD 18 years ago