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CasualVillain "You helped me to understand a part of myself. Now I must go to war. We must all believe we have a future. We must fight for those who aren't even born yet!"

Oh man, my hair is everywhere and since I spray painted my hair with that random colored hair spray, it got all over my bow and cape. Must wash sometime. Thank god it comes off really easily. Btw... Getting sick of the random quotes yet? ^^;;;

Taken by Al, EBK.
  • effembee oh noes! cut off my comment! I said that I didn't even notice the green dye on your cape until you told me. T_T oh noes...I hope you get that washed out okay. You still look purty anywho. =D 16 years ago
  • effembee NEVA! Random quotes = Terra amazingness. <3 I don't even remember some of them. O.o Oh noes! Terra wig dye on your costume! T_T You still look purty. I didn't even notice until you pointed it out. 16 years ago