Kazeki's image
from costume Miranda Lott
Kazeki We're missing some of our members in this picture >.<

I enjoyed cosplaying Miranda XD Hope to do a shoot for this costume soon! ^_^

Photo credit goes to DustyHawk

Sizer as Rabi

WildDrive as Kanda Yuu

me as Miranda Lott
  • Morigor Amazing group! 13 years ago
  • Sierra Rhea OOO!!! Malaysian!!!! U rock!!!XD 13 years ago
  • Kazeki Elsch >> Thank u very much ^^ Cvy >> *drools on u too* XD 15 years ago
  • manaxmana *takes all of you home* n_____________n 15 years ago
  • xrysx miranda is 15 years ago
  • Cvy *lotsa drool emos XDDDD~ 15 years ago
  • Elsch Great costumes! ^^ 15 years ago
  • Kazeki bunny >> X3X3 Shirayuki >> lol looks like it XDXD;; Astellecia >> Hi Anita...where have you been!?! Chocolime >> lol thanks yea too many bad things happened on that day >.< Chibi no Kutsu >> thank u! ^_^ WildDrive >> lollers XD yay for us ! 15 years ago
  • WildDrive w000t. XDXDXD That's just too cool! 15 years ago
  • Chibi no Kutsu Oh thats nice! 15 years ago
  • ChocoLime Really love the effects on this photo! You look great despite all the weird things happening wif the makeup and shoes! ^_^ Keep up da great cosplay work 15 years ago
  • Astellecia ooooooooo liking the effect muchy ^^ nice shot *huggles* 15 years ago
  • Shirayuki nyaaan~ Miranda-neechan!!! Did you freeze the time? >3 15 years ago
  • bunny chan woot, niiiice! XDXD 15 years ago