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Photo by IcePhoenix
Sailor Moon: Me

From Saturday of Anime North 2010

OH LORD LOL. Hopefully tons more pics of this later. This is what had me so busy the past few weeks. Big group of some of my most amazing and best friends as the Sailors.

This costume was made by me and LOTS of help from my awesome friends while I broke myself on the wig. X_x

Tiara is from Catzia, but I added my own foam moon on there.

QuantumDestiny made the gloves, earrings, my sleeves, the bottoms of my boots, the moon on my tiara, and the red choker

Anatra made my collar and the bows

And last but not least, Ammie is to thank for drafting the pattern!!!
  • Earthychan Hello! I just had a question. I am doing a Mars cosplay and I am very worried about the skirt flying up while wearing it. Any suggestions? 10 years ago
  • Kayoshin OMG I've never seen such a perfect Sailor outfit!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *_* 13 years ago
  • Pinkgirl Wow! That's a pretty good Sailor Moon! 13 years ago
  • ~Lightning~ Very pretty Sailor moon! 13 years ago
  • Straywind You're an adorable Sailor Moon! This picture is so dynamic and perfect for the character. :3 13 years ago
  • Miyukisetsu XD You look so cute!!! 13 years ago