B-Shira's image
from costume Tidus
B-Shira xD It's me at Coatzacoalcos beach in Mexico

:B and that's all

Photo by: Zauriel
  • Yuna_sun awwwww you are just amazing!!!!!! ♥♥♥ 10 years ago
  • Narga Waaa, I love it! 10 years ago
  • Seifer-sama Wow this is lovely. 10 years ago
  • HylianKnight This picture looks great, excellent work on you cosplay too! I love the details~ :D 10 years ago
  • neo_shadow_bat That is such a cool picture!!! BRAVO! 10 years ago
  • Bara.Rose Esta foto está genial! /*3*/ Tiduuuusssss 10 years ago