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Avianna Working with Arda I sometimes get requests for wigs that I know we won't have the resources to make at our factory, but I know I can make myself. Gloomybear contacted me about doing a Jeannie type of wig for Stockings Waitress costume and I had some time and I really wanted to make it, so I did!

This wig was made with two Stocking wigs. One wig was rewefted so that the wefts could easily go up into a ponytail and then could be adjusted depending on Gloomybear's head size. It was then cut short to keep the weight of the wig able to stay up without gravity yelling "NO!" I then cut the bangs off of another Stocking wig, flipped it inside out in order to sew it like a sock. I then put the sock part of the wig onto a large butterfly clip and hand dyed the base of the wig to match the hair, just in case it shifted and showed a bit. You then clipped the ponytail on over the base wigs ponytail to make it look like a high ponytail.

The bow in the progress shots is my Robbie the Rabbit bow, not the actual bow(its the only bow I had similiar :p). Gloomybear made the Stocking bow. The colors in the 3 first shots are a bit off because of bad lighting that I didn't have time to adjust before I needed to ship the commission. The colors in Gloomybear's photo are more accurate to the actual colors of the wig

The photo of Gloomybear seen here was taken by Sorahana

*I don't have alot of time for multiple commissions, but you are interested on a quote and have alot of time for me to play with a wig for you, just PM me. I don't do wigs in short time frames.