The first major update is being split into a few smaller updates today through Wednesday, instead of one giant update as originally planned. I will be posting a changelog to keep track of what to expect. That being said, the following items are now available:

  • Multi-uploading (up to 5 images at a time)
  • A lot of small cleanups on various pages and sections
  • You can now update your email in your settings
  • You can now update your password in your settings
  • Beginning of the full settings section
  • Topic posts now show up as regular posts on the front end
  • Announcements has been changed to Topics, so you can view all text posts in one section without any images involved
  • Fixed the image links on profiles

For multi-uploading, we're starting at 5 images and it will update to either 8 or 10 shortly. This is best used for when you want to upload a bunch of images into one costume. The images will appear as a collection of images on the front end, but in your costume they will still appear individually.

For this week: The next update will include user following along with a few other features, and we should be moving straight to allowing new registrations right after that.

Posted 2 weeks ago
I forgot to add - we will also be bringing back most of the forum threads from the past 2 or so years, so that we can populate the channels with topics instead of starting out blank with them. This is scheduled for later this week.
Posted 2 weeks ago
Another thing - when posting text posts, you can choose a channel to post into. These are the same as the previous forum channels we had prior to this change. You will be able to filter the specific channels shortly, but as most of them are blank right now we are waiting to populate them before adding the filter.
Posted 2 weeks ago
Good to know that the threads from the past couple years will be coming back! :)