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Charlie-chan our DigiPoke Dork group did a stupid little skit where we sang a song to the tune we got the blues about how we use to be cool and how Yugioh has taken all our ratings and stuff.. lol..>>
  • Samurai_Yuna Damn you YuGiOh! 18 years ago
  • Samurai_Yuna I know. We totally have the blues. So emo....xD 18 years ago
  • layerD I think the picture looks great...hmmm...didn't I take that one? Lol. 19 years ago
  • Charlie-chan Shinobi- oh yea XD;; *dances* Chibi Ice Wolf- ehe ^__^ thankies! glad you enjoyed our retardness. lol. Tainted-Embrace- sankyu :3 19 years ago
  • Tainted-Embrace KAWAII!! 19 years ago
  • Chibi Ice Wolf Yay! Loved the skit. I'm always happy to see Digimon (and Pokemon) cosplayers even if they aren't "cool" anymore. I still love Digimon - enough that I tried to make a Mimi costume and did make a Hikari/Kari costume for AX03. I thought you guys were cute and the plushies look awesome! 19 years ago
  • Shinobi Y'all so retarded. LOL Wish I could of seen that. :) 19 years ago