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from costume Anji Mito
Omega Corn Cool shot taken by QUADRAIN.

From this angle, Vega looks surprised, no? har har har


.....i'll let myself out.
  • Neizfer Awesome POSE!! OwO you rock ANJI! 14 years ago
  • sir_auronDX Vega is surprised because he HIT YOUR GUARD POINTS QUICK MASH PUNCH 15 years ago
  • t3mP0raRy i love the pose! 16 years ago
  • Foxtale Hmm I seem to recall this one as well^^ Those fans were incredible to see in person! 16 years ago
  • AznTranquility Were you the one at Sakuracon with the red hand print on your chest? I swear I saw llike two of you [forget which one i met] 16 years ago
  • Ikari Gendo dude your anji mito kicks @$$ right out of the TV screen and yes, vega looks surprised, metal gear surprised ... I´ll head for the exit too 16 years ago
  • schalke you are the epitomy of ANJI MITO!! *bows down* can i take you home? heheheh :* 16 years ago
  • potemkin_buster Very good Anji Mito, the fans are very nice, one of the best I have seen 17 years ago
  • † Wolfwood † One of the best Anji Cosplays! You looks great! ^^b 17 years ago
  • BridgetDizzy You = Greatest Anji cosplayer EVER! ^^ 17 years ago
  • Miki-san OMG such an awesom Anji cosplay! i am impressed!! 18 years ago
  • Aneris Holy crap! I didn't even seeee Vega there! Yeah, he does. Smexmy Anjiness. You're like the best Anji ever. 18 years ago
  • Tsuka_pon *faint die* So pretty! 18 years ago
  • xrysx nice pose! 18 years ago
  • Mew_Pudding Anjiiiiiiiiii!!! Awesome costume!! So cutttteee!! 18 years ago
  • Sporkstress Omg... I love you! And Anji! And your costume! And your pose! Excellent job! 18 years ago
  • avskull Impressive shoes 18 years ago
  • Evali Aww, I love Anji! <3 What a good job! 18 years ago
  • jetspectacular that is *jawdroppin'* aweome :D <3<3 18 years ago
  • DarkenedWings Such a pretty Anji cosplay~! :O I love the fans, and your pose too. ^^ 18 years ago